Tales & Tunes @ The Market House - Saturday 21st October

The Rolling Hills Session - Saturday 21st October

The Rolling Hill Music Session

Come have a boogie at The Rolling Hills Session!

Feel free to bring along an instrument and join in, or if you prefer, sit back, relax, and listen to some tantalising tunes.

Suitable for beginners.

Event Details

Location: The Market House, Monaghan Town
Time: 2pm
Age Range: All ages
Price: Free / No booking required

Finnish Folk Music Workshop - Saturday 21st October

The forest covered mountains of Finland are filled with folk music & lore. Join Finnish musicians Maija & Isa to explore how to play Finnish instruments such as the Kantele and Pitkähuilu and learn some Finnish Folk songs.

Event Details
Age Range: 6+
Duration: 1 hr

Candlelit Tales - Saturday 21st October

Candlelit Tales

Candlelit Tales are a Dublin-based storytelling group that specialises in telling live Irish Myths and tales set to an original live musical backing. In line with the oral tradition of this land, they leaven these tales with humour, passion and playfulness to enchant audiences of all ages. These tales will make you laugh, make you cry, and maybe even make you roar.

Event Details
Time: 3pm
Age Range: 6+
Price: 5