Sounding the Senses artist residency

Project 1: Lullaby LEAF

What is it like to live on a giant leaf?

Prepare for whooshing winds, gigantic raindrops, busy bugs, and bursts of colourful canopy in this joyful multi-sensory workshop designed for young children with complex needs.  With the gentle unfurling of a leaf, a soothing sensory world is brought to life through music and song, light, smell, movement, and touch.

About Lullaby LEAF

Lullaby LEAF is an immersive, inclusive, and highly participatory workshop designed specifically for very young children with complex needs. It is inspired by LEAF multisensory theatre production which Ceol Connected developed in 2017 as Theatre Company in Residence in Draíocht.

Watch original LEAF trailer here:

In partnership with Cavan County Council and Creative Cavan, Ceol Connected is bringing this very special multisensory workshop experience to the Holy Family School in Cootehill in a week-long residency.

We are delighted to collaborate with Music Generation Cavan Monaghan to provide the opportunity for their musician facilitators to work with the Lullaby Leaf team. At the heart of this process is their exploration of how multisensory experiences – sound, touch, taste, smell, light, movement, etc. – could be meaningfully embedded in music workshops to most effectively engage children who have a range of additional needs.

Lullaby LEAF is a captivating, fun-filled, and immersive sensory experience for the very young and their teachers/carers.

Key Personnel

Director: Joanna Williams
Musical Director: Thomas Johnston
Co-creators: Thomas Johnston, Orla Kelly, Joanna Williams
Facilitators: Claire Crehan, Orla Kelly, Music Generation Cavan Monaghan musicians
Music Composition: Thomas Johnston
Sensory object creation: Orla Kelly
Creative Producer: Brioni Gallagher

Project 2: Sounding the Senses (ASD focus)

Following their September residency at the Holy Family School, which awed us with the sounds of the seashore and the colours of the forest floor, community musicians Julie Tiernan and Ann Blake return with another ASD focused workshop series.

Using multisensory experiences and intensive interaction, these workshops explore the realms of non-verbal, in-the-moment, meaningful communication and engagement.

This residency is kindly supported by Cavan County Council and Creative Cavan


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October 18, 2021