Pigeon on the Gate

Pigeon on the Gate 

a new traditional music series for young children

Have you ever met a pigeon who has their very own TV show? No? Well, now’s your chance! Pigeon on the Gate is an 8-episode traditional music series created especially for young children. 

Live from Clocktower Studios, Pigeon on the Gate is presented by none other than the charming, funny, and relentlessly curious Elfin the Pigeon! Get ready for exquisite music, singalong songs, toe-tapping dance, and delightful banter with Elfin and some of Ireland’s finest traditional musicians and singers. 
Elfin loves music and he loves meeting new people.  Every day he looks forward to chatting to musicians who sit on his bench in Clocktower Studios.

“Who who who are you?” he coos when his special musical guest arrives.  Across this 8-episode series of Pigeon on the Gate, Elfin will interview four fabulous musicians – Áine McGeeney, Caitlín Nic Gabhann, Síle Denvir, and Barry Kerr – who have composed brand new music and songs for the occasion.

Sign-up now to watch all episodes from Monday 8th November (for a limited time only):  https://tradoodletv.thinkific.com/courses/pigeon-on-the-gate

Who’s who on Pigeon on the Gate 

Artistic Director: Thomas Johnston 
Elfin voiced by: Thomas Baker
Musicians:  Áine McGeeney, Caitlín Nic Gabhann, Síle Denvir, Barry Kerr
Set design and animations: Emma Fisher-Owen
Puppet design and construction: Thomas Baker
Carpenter and scenic artist: Colin Bartley
Lighting design: Sebastian Pizarro
Sound engineer and mixing: Tomás Donaghy
Animation assistant: Ivan Fisher-Owen
Recorded at: An Taibhdhearc
Videographer: Gary de Búit at Studio 8 Labs

Pigeon on the Gate is a Ceol Connected production for Tradoodle TV.  Developed with the support of Monaghan County Council, Draíocht Arts Centre, and Music Generation Tipperary.  Funded by the Arts Council through the Traditional Arts Commissions Award.


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October 18, 2021