Hands that Tell Tales storytelling workshop

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Hands that tell Tales

Starts with playful games in storytelling, by starting stories and allowing gentle and light-hearted input from the group as to where the story goes.

They an introduction to Puppets, allows people to express things from a different perspective than their own or to show things in unusual ways .

Hands that tell tales is a way of opening the creative spirit

My name is Tommy Baker. My educational background is in fine art painting and print making. My work focuses on Storytelling/puppetry – building, performing and directing. Since 1994 I have been working as a professional puppeteer. After spending six formative years performing with Marionetteatern Stockholm, Sweden and learning from International Masters of the Art of Puppetry, I founded his own company Your Man’s Puppets in Ireland in 2002 and have toured extensively throughout Europe and Asia and was recently awarded ‘Best Actor’ at the International Puppet Carnival in Lodz, Poland. Handcrafting all my own puppets, developing a unique style, using a variety of techniques including Japanese Bunraku style, hand- and rod puppets, masks and marionettes, shadow puppetry and paper creations. Furthermore Thomas works as puppetry educator with both children and adults and has held numerous workshops for teachers, actors, university students, school children and teenagers in Ireland and abroad.


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September 21, 2022