Whistleberry Tunes

Whistleberry Tunes

Come and learn the tin-whistle in Whistleberry Forest!

Whistleberry Tunes is an online music course created especially for children who are taking their first steps into learning how to play the tin-whistle.

In Whistleberry Tunes, children are guided through 9 lessons where they will learn basic techniques as well as a carefully chosen range of traditional and newly composed tunes.

Researched and developed by Ceol Connected’s Dr. Thomas Johnston and Faolán the frog, and presented by the award-winning DabbledooMusic, this course has been designed to motivate children, to encourage them to learn to play by ear, and to support and give confidence to teachers/parents/guardians in the classroom and at home.What will children learn?

✔︎ Hold the tin-whistle properly and learn proper technique
✔︎ Warm-up with simple stretches
✔︎ Two scales and seven tunes including a polka, a march, and an air
✔︎ Master the scales of D major and G major
✔︎ Beautiful traditional tunes such as Maggie in the Woods, Song of the Chanter, and Mo Ghile Mear
✔︎ Tunes composed especially for Whistleberry Tunes such as Tradoodle Do and Faolán’s Frolics
✔︎ Simple ornamentation such as cuts, taps, and slides
✔︎ How to learn to play music together and perform in a group
✔︎ Develop aural learning skills


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September 5, 2018