Song Ties (online intergenerational project)

Song Ties (online intergenerational project)

Song Ties is an intergenerational music project produced by musicians Brioni Gallagher and Thomas Johnston as part of Tradoodle Festival Monaghan. This innovative project harnesses the power of music and song to connect children in Lisdoonan National School with residents in Castleross Nursing Home.

What happens during Song Ties?

The project is taking place over October and November and includes:

  • music performances at Castleross Nursing Home
  • research and consultation phase with all participants
  • design and video recording of dedicated Song Ties workshops
  • composition of a special ‘Song Ties song’
  • development of creative packs, activities, and a range of sensory resources
  • live Zoom workshops that bring the Song Ties participants together

Drawing on songs that the Song Ties’ participants have themselves suggested at the beginning of the project, the children and adult participants each week receive a creative pack that includes a link to an interactive online workshop, activity pack, as well as a range of sensory resources. Live Zoom sessions bring the participants together on a weekly basis over Oct/Nov, and a special event is planned for December 2020 to celebrate everything the project participants have achieved.

Funded by Creative Ireland and Monaghan County Council.



Project coordinator: Brioni Gallagher
Musicians/facilitators: Brioni Gallagher and Thomas Johnston
Guitar and piano: Barry Jay Hughes
Low Whistle: Thomas Johnston
Harp: Brioni Gallagher
Digital Media: Glen at Sky Rocket Media
Artwork by pupils at Lisdoonan National School
Location: Market House, Monaghan


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October 31, 2020