The Far Field

The Far Field

Ceol Connected’s The Far Field is an irresistibly joyful musical tale for young audiences infused with Irish traditional music, puppetry, and folklore.

One Summer day in the little hills of Co. Monaghan, Lonán the farmer discovers a magical whistle hidden in a hare’s nest. Suspecting that it belongs to the fairy folk who live at the edge of his farm, Lonán decides that the whistle should be returned to its rightful owners. Join Lonán on his quest filled with magical traditional music, puppetry, and storytelling to the enchanted ‘Far Field’.

Described as spellbinding, magical, and a gentle and joyful performance for children, The Far Field comes to Tradoodle Festival hot on the heels of its 8-venue nationwide tour of Ireland, supported by The Arts Council.

Alongside Samantha Harvey (keyboard) and Emma Fisher (puppeteer), The Far Field performers include some of Monaghan’s finest traditional musicians: Thomas Johnston (whistles/vocals) and Seán McElwain (guitar/fiddle).



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August 8, 2017